Reasons why oil workers get addicted

When it comes to addiction, oil workers are among the professionals at-most risk. The peculiarity of their work makes them susceptible to addiction. Oil workers are well remunerated because of the great work hazards that most jobs don’t have.

Because of this remuneration, several oil workers are blind to the fact that their work has taken a great toll on them. The money keeps them going and their health deteriorates before their eyes.

The primary reason why oil workers get addicted is because of stress. Oil workers work for several hours on end, and they barely have time to rest. The sad part is, many oil workers don’t know how to cope with stress and they take the wrong measures that affects their health.

Oil workers can handle stress by sleeping well, taking breaks by going on a vacation, eating healthy meals etc, but they hardly do any of these. Oil workers don’t sleep well because of their work demands and with time, they find it difficult to work in the long term.

The same works for taking breaks. Not all countries have remunerations for their oil workers if they are on vacation. And since no one likes to miss out, they would rather work for several years on end without going on a vacation.

In addition, oil workers do not eat healthy meals because they are not readily available. Rather, they feed on junks to keep them going. The absence of these healthy practices makes them rely on drugs and alcohol which induces addiction in the long run.

An addicted oil worker would struggle with his health because there would be underlying health issues resulting from unhealthy practices. This is why they need to see a counselor or a therapist when they realize their addiction problem is beyond control.

Seeking addiction treatment is one of the fastest ways to remain sober and live a healthy life. Recovered oil workers are advised to implement healthy practices that would keep addiction at bay.