The oil industry is one of the largest in any oil-producing state, and there are workers who toil on a regular basis to ensure that they meet up with the demands of the people.

The daily requirements are usually so massive. The state would have to export oil to other non-producing states, and also cater for its citizens.

As you would expect, oil workers are handsomely paid, and a good number of them lead comfortable lives. It would interest you to know that, these people are paid a lot, and this is usually enough to solve all family needs.

However, one issue that has not really be factored out, is the issue of stress. Even with the recent innovations in technology where man would not have to handle everything, the stress accrued is still great compared to other professions.

Oil workers are greatly stressed, and this is one of the reasons why some of them either have an addiction, or a mental health problem.

It is not everyone that knows how to handle stress, so you should not expect more from an oil worker who is always focused on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Only a few know how to take care of themselves, but the rest find it difficult to.

When oil workers are on break, one of the mistakes they make is, they go out to either drink, smoke or both for long hours on end before returning to work. This is not going for the health, because there are detrimental effects. Advisably, the best thing for the oil worker to do, is to take out time to rest effectively for some days.

It is best to go on a vacation, disconnected from any work related activity. At this point, it would not be advisable to have a side-job except if it would be properly managed by a trusted person.

Oil workers can also go for a good massage, spa and warm bath daily, for the proper maintenance of their skin.

They should also spend judicious time with their family and friends, to ensure that their mental health is in check.