Addiction is a huge problem which is currently affecting oil workers in Canada, and it is responsible for the eventual destruction of individual lives and separation of families. It all starts with young innocent men who are either residents in Canada, or those who come to Canada with true plans on ground to ensure that they eke an honest living for their families.

Later on, they get caught up in the web of addiction, and it becomes nearly impossible to break free, and this can be attributed to the unfavourable working conditions in the oil industry.

The two major addictions which oil workers are facing in Canada, is drug and alcohol addiction. Although, there are other addictions which they face, these two are the most prominent. Starting off with drug addiction, it is known that substances such as cocaine, are presumably known to keep someone on his feet for hours longer than usual. Hence, one way which oil workers have resorted to helping themselves, is to ensure that they take drugs which would help them to be less tired and stressed out.

At first, this move seems to be a beneficial one, until when it continues in the long run, and they discover that they cannot do without it. At some points, abstinence from the drug could induce severe unfavourable withdrawal symptoms which does not go down well with the individual. So, they have no option than to continue using it.

The same principle also applies to alcohol addicts, as they are known to work hand-in-hand. Alcohol addiction is also very common among oil workers in Canada. These set of people also take alcohol with the intent of ensuring that they are not utterly stressed out after a strenuous day. However, a good number of individuals end up taking alcohol in excess, and start reacting to the detrimental effects in the long run.

Excessive use of alcohol and drugs has lots of negative consequences in all aspects of the human body, and it is advised that individuals who are hooked on it, should receive prompt treatment. The oil industry in Canada can help salvage this situation by ensuring that all oil workers receive regular medical care, also the work schedule for all oil workers should be looked into and made less stressful.